Peter Engelbrite

Application Design & Programming
Creative Projects for 35 Years!

I have shipped over 30 games!
I already have an iPad app in the Apple store for the grand opening: SLP Field Kit HD
I have extensive experience in developing:

Educational Software
Multimedia Software
Industrial Software
Creativity Software

Objective C++ for iPhone / iPad, Actionscript 3.0, C++ and over 30 other programming languages!
I can provide design, programming, artwork, audio, management and even packaging.

I am a self-starter and quickly adapt to new and novel development environments.
I design, code, and manage complex projects creatively, on time and within budget.

4105 Buckthorn Ct, Flower Mound, TX 75028
Michael Peter Engelbrite

(AKA Stone, Stone Angel)

Skills Overview

Systems: iPhone/iPodTouch/iPad, Windows (Vista/XP/ME/98/95/3.11),  OpenGL 2D & 3D, Virtual Reality (Second Life), DirectX 8 API (some work with shaders), DOS, Amiga, VAX VMS, C-64, Atari 800, Atari 2600, Atari Lynx, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 8-bit, Intel MDS, Mostek, CP/M, RT/11, some Linux

High-Level Languages: Objective C++, Actionscript 3.0, C, J2ME, Visual C++, LSL, PHP, Sqlite3,Visual Basic, Blitz 3D, HTML, DLA Basic, CBL, PL/M, BASIC (various), FORTRAN, BASM, SIMPL, DIBOL, FORTH, TESTRAN, QUIQ, PASCAL (some Javascript, Perl, Python)

Assembly Languages: 80×86, 6502, 8080, 8085, Z-80, 68000, 1802, 6510, F-8, LSI-11, M-10 Microcode, Pacesetter, Compass (CDC-6400)

Tools: Adobe Master Collection CS3 (Flash, Photoshop, etc.), Xcode, Lightwave 3D 9.2, Animation Master, 3D Exploration, Milkshape 3D, Real Draw Pro, trueSpace, Vegas video editor, DVD Architect, Setup Generator, Wilbur, GIF Animator, COOL 3D, Leech FTP, Cool Edit Pro, Audacity, Premiere, Pagemaker, PKZip, Corel Draw, Deluxe Paint, Deluxe Animate, Inno Setup Compiler, Swish (Flash), cpanel, Perforce

Other Skills:
Directing Voice Actors, Story Writing, Script Writing, Production, Animation, Sound Editing, Web Page Design, 3D Modeling, Illustration, Layout, Second Life Construction

Employment History

Inspired Idea 2000 to present

Position: Proprietor, Software Engineer, Designer, Packaging Designer, 2D Artist, 3D Artist, Level Designer, Web Master, Consultant
Tools / Languages: Objective C++, Cocos2d, Actionscript 3.0, LSL, J2ME, Windows API, OpenGL, DirectX 8 API (some work with shaders), C, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Blitz 3D,PHP, Photoshop, Lightwave 3D 9, Inno Setup Compiler. Swish (Flash), cpanel, PageMaker, PKZip, GOSPL Scripting Language, 3D Exploration, Milkshape 3D, Real Draw Pro, GIF Animator, COOL 3D, Leech FTP, Bink API, Vegas, DVD Architect

  • SLP Field Kit HD: Consonants: Learning system for speech Therapy on iPad
  • SLP Field Kit: Consonants: Learning system for speech Therapy on iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Maggots: Novelty app for iPhone/iPod Touch
  • WordSmart Algebra Learning System: Learning system in Flash (Actionscript 3.0)
  • KMTV: In-world television network in Second Life
  • Dance Dome Home: Luxury home with highly scripted built-in dance floor for Second Life
  • Interactive Seder Plate: Full interactive passover simulation for Jewish ministry (LSL)
  • The Red Sea: Simulation of crossing the Red Sea with Mt. Sinai, the tabernacle and giving the ten commandments (LSL)
  • Heaven: Myst-style game with 360 degrees VR environment, creation of GOSPL scripting language and game engine
  • Candy Crossroads: Animated 3D DVD video series:
  • Choir: Utility to mix audio events, synchronized to video
  • Vocabulary: J2ME cell phone educational App – Includes OTA audio provisioning, record keeping, automatic advancement
  • Action Gallery: 3D educational game development system.
  • The Vote for Bush 3D Adventure: 3D political learning game
  • Shepherd’s 3D Adventure: Foundation for Christian games (on hold)
  • Christian Founders 3D Adventure: Patriotic 3D history game
  • Red White & Blue – The Search For Liberty: Patriotic 3D adventure game
  • HTML Report Generator: Creates test reports for memory systems test
  • WordZip: Word building game
  • Academics 3D: Immersive, Dynamic Environments for Academics
  • Mastermind: Vocabulary building screensaver
  • Tilebag: Screensaver for Scrabble players
  • One Nation Under God – Christian Founders: 3D Multimedia Game
  • Godspeed 3D: Multimedia Game
  • Scripture Solitaire: Multimedia Game
  • Unblocked Dysgraphia Workbook: Writing Workbook for Learning Disability

Epyx / Bridgestone / Alpha Omega 1987 to 2000

(Note: this was continuous employment through several corporate acquisitions)
Position: Vice President of Product Development, Vice President of Advanced Creative Technologies, Programmer, Director, Producer, Scriptwriter
Tools / Languages: Windows API, Borland C, DLA BASIC, Animazing, animazing, sostest, sosview, sosedit, card, prepone, prepall, sosprep, burn, datamine, problems with problems, mirror, DOS, 6502 Assembly (Atari Lynx, C64, Atari 2600), Lightwave, Deluxe Paint, Deluxe Animate, CBL (Captain Bible Language)

  • Switched-On Schoolhouse (Windows): Full 5-subject, HTML-based, Grade 3-12 (plus electives) Multimedia Curriculum for Windows, this system also includes a TCP/IP client/server Internet synchronization system, animation system (Animazing), programming language (DLA Basic), and a variety of proprietary utilities including: animazing, sostest, sosview, sosedit, card, prepone, prepall, sosprep, burn, datamine, problems with problems, mirror
  • Kingdom Under The Sea (VHS): 3D Modeled Animated Television Series
  • Color Phonics (Windows): Multimedia Phonics Program – 5 CD’s
  • Rev-Up for Reading (Windows): Early Learning Multimedia Program
  • Rev-Up for Writing (Windows): Early Learning Multimedia Program
  • Rev-Up for Arithmetic (Windows): Early Learning Multimedia Program
  • Bible Builder (DOS): Christian computer game
  • Captain Bible (DOS): Christian computer game
  • Todd’s Adventures in Slime World (Lynx): Side scrolling platform shooter
  • Gates of Zendocon (Lynx): Side scrolling space shooter
  • Barbarian Bodyguard (Lynx): Adventure game with asymmetrical players (cancelled)
  • The Games Summer Edition (C64, PC, Apple II): Olympic sports sim
  • Uneven Parallel Bars – The Games Summer Edition (C64): Olympic sports sim
  • BMX -California Games (2600): Sports sim
  • Hackysack – California Games (2600): Sports sim
  • Surfing – California Games (2600): Sports sim
  • Ski Jump – Winter Games (2600): Olympic sports sim
  • Hotdog Ski – Winter Games (2600): Olympic sports sim
  • Luge – Winter Games (2600): Olympic sports sim
  • Bobsled – Winter Games (2600): Olympic sports sim
  • Pommel Horse – Summer Games (2600): Olympic sports sim
  • Stuffing the Briefcase (DOS): Puzzle game
  • Cascade PC (DOS): Tetris-like game
  • Cascade Genesis (Genesis): Tetris-like game

BR Communications 1986 to1987

Position: Programmer
Tools / Languages: VAX VMS, DOS, C, PASCAL

  • Interfaces for Chirpsounder military communications device
  • Translate ChirpSounder AI code from Pascal to C
  • Test emulations system for Chirpsounder AI

Sight & Sound Music Software 1985 to 1986

Position: Contract Programmer / Designer
Tools / Languages: 6502 Assembly, BASM, C64

  • Music Processor (C64): Music creativity product
  • Music Video Kit (C64): Music creativity product

Computer Alliance 1984 to 1985

Position: Owner, Programmer / Designer
Tools / Languages: 6502 Assembly, BASM, C64, Atari 800

  • Mailman: Educational Game (Atari 800)
  • BASM: 6502 Compiler / Assembler (Atari 800 / C64)
  • MusiComp: Music Creativity product

Pacesetter Systems, Inc. 1982 to 1984

Position: Senior Electronic Software Engineer
Tools / Languages: 8080 Assembly, Intel MDS development system, PL/M

  • Bubble Memory Operating System
  • Intercardiac Electrogram Graphics Display System
  • Pacemaker Download System
  • Cardiac Emulator

Isaac Systems 1980 to 1982

Position: Computer Programmer
Tools / Languages: CP/M, Z-80 Assembly, Pacesetter Imagesetter Assembly, LSI-11 Assembly, Dibol, BASIC, SIMPL

  • Audio Tape Data Base
  • Numerical Analysis Programs
  • Pacesetter Imagesetter Cross Assembler
  • CP/M-80 CBIOS
  • Music Imagesetter
  • Materials List Generator
  • Greek Language Text Editor
  • Greek Language Analysis
  • SIMPL Z80 compiler

Qume 1978 to 1980

Position: Microcomputer Programmer
Tools / Languages: F8 Assembly, 8080 Assembly

  • Control Firmware for Printers
  • Cut Sheet Feeder (Hardware)
  • QUIQ Quick Utility Interpreter For Qume

Intel Memory Systems Division ~ 1978

Position: Software Technician
Tools / Languages: 8080 Assembly, Fortran

  • Test Download System
  • Test System Graphics Display
  • Hardware specific testing setups
  • Testran Interpretive Language

The Retail Computer Store ~ 1975

Position: Sales / Demo Creation
Tools / Languages: 8080 Assembly on Altair, Imsai, SOL Computer, Chromemco

  • Dazzle: Demo
  • ChromaWorms: Demo


  • Five years at The University of Washington in Seattle
    I am NCSA C++ master level certified


  • Best Computer Curriculum (over 11 times)
  • Best Christian Game (5 times)
  • Best Lynx Game
  • Best Phonics Program (2nd Place)
  • Christian Game Developers Convention Game of The Year (2nd place)

Additional Projects

  • Grape Vines: Resource management / platform game (C64)
  • Asteroid Miner: Action game (CP/M)
  • Mouse Hockey: Action / sports game (CP/M)
  • Dazzle: Graphical demo (Amiga/PC)
  • Direct Action: Animation Editor (Amiga)
  • Reversai: game (VAX/VMS)
  • Network Chess: game (VAX / VMS)
  • Easy: Relational Database (DOS)
  • Digital Synthesizer (8085 Assembly)
  • 1802 mini-interpreter
  • American King James (Translation of the Bible)
  • Butterfly: Word Colorization for Color Phonics
  • MicroRPG: online game system (Swish / Flash)
  • Animations for Hope for the Holidays
  • Break Timer System
  • Websites:,,

Compilers / Interpreters I Have Written

  • DLA Basic
  • CBL
  • BASM
  • QUIQ


Color Phonics – PC

“The Best Phonics Curriculum on the Market!”
“This has worked wonderfully…the content of Color Phonics is marvelous, and is helping my speech delayed 4.5yo to distinguish the different sounds.
“I have looked at other phonics programs that cost more and prefer this to the Phonics Game, Fast-track Phonics, etc.”

Slime World – Lynx

The First Eight-PLayer Video Game Ever Created!
“One of the most entertaining games designed by Epyx for the Lynx, ‘Slime World’ sets you in a gooey, drippily disgusting planet laid out as a series of explorable cave-mazes. Armed with a water pistol and a variety of non-lethal tools, you lead Todd from entrance to exit in search of colorful slime gems.”
* Gameplay: Offers variations on the same theme including exploration, arcade, timed and logic. Even has deathmatch when connected to multiple Lynx.
* Graphics: Amazing detail, colorful palette and original effects (you can pop like a zit!).
* Sound: Incredibly, the synthesized music is created on the fly!
* Value: Large maps make for hours of exploration. Would have benefited from a random map function.
* Tilt: I play it still, on a desktop emulator.
“This title perfectly captures both the charm of Epyx and the spark that made Lynx great. Here is a clever, imaginative game that literally oozes with curiosity and invention.”
Daniel Thomas

Maggots – iPhone / iPod Touch

Fun fun fun!! (5 stars) “This app is totally fun! You can take away any craving for food too!! Flick em, squish em, I like to hold em and hear them scream!! A riot!
Gross (5 stars) “I love this app, good job. I give it 5 stars. Make more apps like this please.”

Scripture Solitaire – PC

“All these elements make this much more than a regular solitaire game, but a rich and customizable experience that can help teach as well as entertain.” – “I’d just as soon use a fun tool like “SS” to do my study as anything else I’ve come across yet!”
Rick Casteel

Godspeed 3D – PC

Tim Emmerich

California Games – 2600

“California Games is impressive” – “The cart kicks off with a flashy title screen” – “The graphics are some of the best ever for the 2600. Objects and backgrounds are multi-colored, finely detailed, and rendered in high resolution. I was especially impressed by the waves in the surfing event.” – “Who would have thought they could have pulled this off on the 2600?”
The Video Game Critic
“California Games, like Super Mario Bros. 3 for the NES and Super Mario RPG for the SNES, pushes the capabilities of its hardware into previously unimaginable territory, proving a console is only as good as its best programmers.” – “Each of these events — foot bag, half-pipe, BMX racing and surfing — could have been an entire game in their own right, but California Games packages them together in a tournament-style competition for up to eight(!) players.”
Skyler Miller, All Game Guide

Winter Games – 2600

“I showed this game to a friend recently, and he gasped ‘THIS is the ATARI 2600??’ It looks that good! The graphics are smooth and colorful, and the characters are detailed and nicely animated.”
The Video Game Critic