View The iPhone Apps Album

iPhone Apps

These iPhone apps are designed to be used by speech therapists and other language clinicians (and a novelty app).

View The Algebra - Actionscript 3.0 Album

Algebra - Actionscript 3.0

Interactive Algebra course with videos, mastery learning and dynamic helps.

View The Virtual Reality Album

Virtual Reality

My projects within the Virtual Reality: Second Life

View The WordSmart Products Album

WordSmart Products

J2ME, C++

View The Heaven - the video game Album

Heaven - the video game

Has a Myst-like interface

View The Candy Crossroads Album

Candy Crossroads

My 3D animation project

View The Color Phonics Album

Color Phonics

I created this for AOP - written in C

View The Kingdom Under the Sea Album

Kingdom Under the Sea

A 3D animated television series I created

View The Earlier Projects Album

Earlier Projects

A sampling of the other projects I've done throughout the years